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Sight is our most precious sense. The eye is a very complex and delicate organ can be affected by different diseases, many of which could lead to loss of vision.

Diagnosis and treatment of these diseases early is invaluable to keep the sense of sight.


In Ophtalmology more than any other medical specialty, technological advances have allowed unprecedented improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of various problems that may occur in the eye and affect the sense of vision.

In Centro Oftalmológico Guanacaste we have the latest technology and highly trained personnel in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease.


Eye surgeries are the most common surgical procedures workdwide. For the eyes there are microsurgical procedures, of high complexity and in which advanced technology is used.

In Centro Oftalmológico Guanacaste offer cuttin-edge procedures and the highest quality, they are made in the more respected and recognized  worldwide.

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