Phacoemulsification is a surgical method used to remove a cataract.

In phacoemulsification, an ultrasonic oscillating probe is inserted into the eye. The probe breaks up the center of the lens. The fragments are suctioned from the eye at the same time. A small incision that often does not require sutures to close can be used since the cataract is removed in tiny pieces, a foldable intraocular lens implant, or IOL, is placed permanently inside to help focus light onto the retina. Vision returns quickly and one can resume normal activities within a short period of time.


Microincision cataract surgery: is currently the most advanced procedure and approved for the treatment ofcataracts. Through incisions less than 2 mm is the procedure of remosión of cataract phacoemulsificationmediente and later by the same micro-incisions to implant the intraocular lens that the patient requires. Bymicro-incision phacoemulsification does not require sutures to close surgical wounds, the visual recovery is almost immediate and the risks associated with surgery are greatly reduced.